Image Text Experiments

What is a slide show on the Web?

The slide show, a succession of images punctuated by commentary, is an domestic art form. With digital cameras these slides can be shared over the web with text narrative. The relationship between text and image gets renegotiated as the web show becomes a digital scrap book.

What follows are experiments in the form. Various programs like Dreamweaver will generate photo albums from folders of images, but the results are disappointing so I have started from scratch hand coding pages and writing my own Ruby programs.

The Circus

This essay on the Shriner's Circus when it visited Hamilton was hand designed in Dreamweaver.

Santa Fe

This essay is on Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was generated using a Ruby program I wrote. The thumbnails were created with Graphic Converter.

Santa Fe in the Winter

This is a quicktime slide show version of the same images.

Hiking in Algonquin in the Fall

This is a slide essay about a hike in Algonquin park in the Fall of 2003.

24 Types of Ice in Cootes

A photographic poem on the types of ice in Cootes Paradise.

Swedish Patterns

A layout experiment using HTML divs to place thumbnails and colour together. For other pictures from Sweden go to ALLC/ACH 2004 conference in Gothenberg, Sweden.

Other Images

These are image collections that are less experiments and more personal.

The View From Above

A collection of large images of clouds and snow fields that work well on the desktop or as a screensaver.

Canada Day

Pictures from Canada Day, July 1st, 2004 (formerly known as Dominion Day.)

ALLC/ACH 2004 conference in Gothenberg, Sweden

Pictures of friends and sites in Sweden from the conference.

Geoffrey Rockwell, 2004