Personal Data
Address: Rome, Italy
Born: 1936, New Rochelle, NY
Citizenship: U.S.A.
1963 Scuola di Marmo, Carrara, Italy
1958-61 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA
1958 B.A. English Literature with Honors, Haverford College, Haverford, PA
Solo Exhibitions
2004 Temple University Gallery, Rome, Italy
2001 al Ferro di Cavallo Gallery, Rome, Italy
1998 St Stephens School, Rome, Italy
1997 TriArt Gallery, Louisville, KY
1997 St. Paul's American Church, Rome, Italy
1996 Churches of S. Pieretto and S. Martino, Chioggia, Italy
1990 Haverford College Library, Haverford, PA
1986 Mickelson Gallery, Washington, DC
1985 Actor's Theatre, Louisville, KY
1985 Plymouth Arts Council, Plymouth MI
1983 Bartholet Gallery, New York, NY
1982 Bartholet Gallery, New York, NY
1982 Sparta Gallery, Sparta, NJ
1981 Byck Gallery, Louisville, KY
1979 Byck Gallery, Louisville, KY
1977-78 Mickelson Gallery, Washington, DC
1976 Kingpitcher Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
1976 Newman Galleries, Philadelphia, PA
1975-76 Swearingen-Byck Gallery and Actor's Theatre, Louisville, KY
1974 Mickelson Gallery, Washington, DC
1973 Shore Galleries, Boston, MA
1972 Kingpitcher Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
1971 Mickelson Gallery, Washington, DC
1970 Shore Galleries, Boston, MA
1970 Newman Galleries, Philadelphia, PA
1970 Wellfleet Gallery, Wellfleet, MA
1969 Galleria Lancillotto, Rome, Italy
1968 Pittsburgh Plan for Art, Pittsburgh, PA
1968 Mickelson Gallery, Washington, DC
1967 Artists and Students Gallery, Rome, Italy
1966 Via Appia Antica, Rome, Italy
Group Exhibitions
2005-6 Venite Adoramus, Rome, Italy
2003 AAM Gallery, Rome, Italy
2002-3 Fiera dellla Lavorazione della Pietra, Strada in Casentino, Italy
2000 Il Castello di Poppi, Poppi (AR), Italy, “Sette Artisti Stranieri in Casentino”
1989 Sala Uno, Rome, Italy, "Roman Americans"
1979 The J.B. Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY, "Collecting Contemporary Art"
1976 U.S.I.S., Milan. "Three American Sculptors"
1975 Rassegna di Scultura Dantesca Contemporanea, Ravenna, Italy
1973 U.S.I.S., Rome, Italy, "American Artists in Rome"
1972 The Katonah Gallery, Katonah, NY
1971 U.S.I.S., Rome, Italy, "American Artists in Rome"
1969 VI Biennale della Scultura "Città di Carrara"
1968 Cooperstown Art Association, Cooperstown, NY
1968 U.S.I.S., Rome, Italy, "American Artists in Rome"
1969 Image Gallery, Stockbridge, MA
1967-68 Museum of Modern Art, New York, Circulating Exhibition, "Jewelry by Contemporary Painters & Sculptors"
1964-67 A.S.C. Gallery, Rome, Italy
1961 Berkshire Art Association, Pittsfield, MA
1961 Peggy Best Gallery, Stockbridge, MA
1960-61 Pennsylvania Academy Fellowship Show, Philadelphia, PA
Public Commissions
2007 Two Climbing Figures, to be placed near the township offices in Canton MI in May
2005 Stations of the Cross, woodcuts, Boston College, Boston, MA
2004 Tree of Life,  Boston College, Boston, MA
1999-2000 Capitals, Gargoyles, Grotesques, Portal and decorative terracotta masksfor the Diocesan Museum, Chioggia (Venice), Italy
2000 Monument for the Anglican House of Peace, Bethlehem, Palestine (was to be inaugurated in December 2000, as it could not be inaugurated it is now in the cloister of the Anglican Seminary in Jerusalem)
1997 Piazza Sculpture, Comune di Meolo, Venice, Italy
1997 The Stations of the Virgin, Casa Spirituale "Il Covolo", Crespano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy
1997 Eight Sculptures for the garden of St. Paul's American Church, Rome, Italy
1995 War Memorial, Comune di Ortignano Raggiolo, Tuscany, Italy
1994 Grendel's Folly, The Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge, Stockbridge, MA
1994 Sarcophagus of  Padre Raimondo Calcagno, Chiesa dei Filipini, Chioggia, (Venice), Italy
1990 Holy water font, Christ Church, Tacoma, WA
1990 The Climbing Stone, Haverford College, Haverford, PA
1988 Two groups of bronze acrobats, The Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge, Stockbridge, MA
1986 Six travertine sculptures as a playground, Plymouth Township Park, Plymouth, MI
1980 Monster Capital Fountain, South Street Park, Philadelphia, PA
1978 Wolf Memorial, Sailer's Grove, Fairmont Park, Philadelphia, PA
1965 Designs for Gargoyles, Washington Cathedral, Washington, DC, 1974 Cathedral of the Pines, Rindge, NH
Public Collections
ICCROM, Rome, Italy
National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC
Norton Childrens' Hospital, Louisville, KY
Bridgeport Museum of American Art, Bridgeport, CT
The Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge, Stockbridge, MA
Selected Bibliography

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Work in Progress
The study of the stoneworking and carving techniques of pre-modern Indian stone Temples and sculpture with Prof. Vidya Deheija of Colombia University.

A study of the carving techniques of Bernini's "La Medusa" in the Capitoline Museum.

The documentation of the tool marks on the Leaning Tower of Pisa in conjunction with the Conservazione Beni Culturale (CBC) conservation group.

A study of the carving and construction techniques of the "Monumento Mocenigo" in the church of San Lazzaro dei Mendicanti in Venice for the Soprintendenza per i Beni Architettonici, per il Paesaggio e per il Patrimonnio Storico, Artistico e Demoetnoantropologico di Venezia e Laguna with the sponsorship of UNESCO Venice Office.

A study of the carving techniques of Arnolfo del Cambio on the "Monumento del Cardinal del Braye" in the church of  San Domenico in Orvieto in conjunction with the Consevazione Beni Culturale (CBC) conservation group.
Teaching, Lecturing, and Consultation

2005 The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, Rome, "The Carving Techniques of the Column of Trajan", lecture.
2005 Dallas University Campus, Rome, "The Carving Techniques of Michelangelo", lecture.
2001 The Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY, “Confessions of a Reluctant Model”, lecture.
2000  National Gallery, Washington, DC, “From Easter Island to Michelangelo, Indecisive Moments in the History of  Stonecarving” lecture.
2000 Universita degli Stranieri, Perugia, “Thirteenth and Fourteenth
Century Carving Techniques in Umbrian Sculpture,” lecture.
2000 National Press Club, Washington, “Will the Real Norman Rockwell
Please Step Forward,” lecture also broadcast on NPR and C-Span.
2000 Corcoran Gallery of Art, “Confessions of a Reluctant Model,” lecture
2000 Corcoran Gallery of Art, “The Many facets of an Illustrator,” lecture
2000 The High Museum, Atlanta, GA, “Confessions of a Reluctant Model,” lecture.
2000 The High Museum, Atlanta, GA, “The Many Facets of an Illustrator,” lecture.
1999 Rhode Island School of Design, Rome Campus, “The Carving and Quarrying Technology of Easter Island,” Lecture.
1999 Scuola Normale Superiori di Pisa, Corso di Masters in Beni Culturali, “Technologie della Lavorazione della Pietra,” Lectures.
1998 University of Venice, School of Architecture, “Technologie della Lavorazione della Pietra,” Lecture.
1998 Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Corso sulla Conservazione della Pietra, “Technologia della Lavorazione della Piestra," Lectures.
1997 Center for the Advanced Study of the Visual Arts, National Gallery, “Marble Carving Techniques from Michelangelo to Bernini,” Lecture.
1997 Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Marble Carving Techniques from Michelangelo to Bernini,” Lecture.
1997 Wellesley College, “The Carving Techniques of the Column of Trajan,” Lecture.
1996 Smith College, “The Carving Techniques of the Column of Trajan, Lecture.
1994 IsMEO excavations in Swat Valley, Pakistan, consultant on quarrying technology.
1990-92 Adjunct Professor of Sculpture, Tyler School of Fine Art, Rome Campus.
1980-00 Istituto Centrale del Restauro, Rome.  Lecturer on stone technology.
1979-06 Consultant to various italian state and city agencies and restoration firms on historical stone-carving techniques.  Projects outside of Rome have included the façade of Orvieto Cathedral, the Bap;tistry of Parma, San Nicola of Bari; and in Rome: the Column of Trajan, the Porta Del Popolo, the Ponte Sant'Angelo, the Trevi Fountain, the Ara Pacis, the Villa Medici and the sculpture of Bernini in the Borghese Gallery.
1990 Visiting Professor of Sculpture, Haverford College, Haverford, PA.
1988 National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Andrew W. Mellon Visiting Research Fellow.  Lectures and consultations.
1988 The J. Paul Getty Museum.  Invited lecturer at the conference, "Marble: Art Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Ancient Sculpture".
1986-88 University of London, Institute of Archaeology Summer Schools, Lecturer on stone technology.
1983-86 Trinity College, Cesare Barbieri Center.  Instructor of drawing and stone conservation.
1981-91 Excavations at Aphrodisias, Turkey.  Consultant on ancient stone-carving techniques.
1977-2003  UNESCO International Course on Stone Conservation. Lecturer on stone technology.
1974-00  ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and the Restoration of Cultural Property,  Rome). Lecturer on stone technology.
1974-84 St. Stephen's School, Rome.  Teacher of sculpture and art history.
1974-76 Loyola University Rome Center.  Sculpture instructor.
1972-75 Forum School, Rome.  Sculpture teacher.